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About BitcoinCaveman


Welcome to my store, Bitcoiners!


It has been quite the ride fraught with highs, lows, panic, and relief, but in the end we all are part of a monumental shift in the way we transact with each other and store wealth.


The Peoples Financial Revolution is upon us, freeing us from the chains of central banks, while giving us the power they once knew.

One by one, as our light bulbs illuminate, we embark on our journey of learning the fundamentals and spreading the bitcoin gospel with pride and excitement.


My story might be a little different to yours but we all end up at the same conclusion. We gain a sense of peace as we peel back the layers of how trans-formative Satoshi's solution was while realizing how parasitic, corrupt and predatory the banking system is.


Bitcoin Caveman is my journey, my oxymoron!

I didn’t initially have a background in the technicalities, programming, or a financial education but desperately wanted to join and contribute to the greatest financial revolution of our time.


The evolution from Caveman to Bitcoiner is terrifying and exhilarating all at once. From learning about private keys, consensus and cold storage, to the nail biting transfers, all while waiting for confirmations as if watching an intense suspense thriller.


Then, in no time at all, my progression from caveman to Bitcoiner accelerated.

I had made some tools and mastered fire with minimal scaring. Not to say I didn't have some help from my evangelical friends like, Tone Vays, Ugly old Goat, Jimmy Song, Max Keiser, Juacomo Zucco, Leah Wald, Willie Woo and of course the late Tyler Jenks.


A special shout out to Tone Vays for his unwavering conviction, tireless evangelism and epic TD sequential seminar! I returned from Aruba with a new found clarity on technical analysis and a strong inspiration to represent Bitcoin in my own way.


Shortly thereafter Bitcoin Caveman was born!